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Questions and Answers About Exhibition Stands

Can you store our stand until the next show to save money?

We understand that it is important to keep the costs down for any business and we fully support this option. We can sometimes store stand elements for a short period of time however in most cases it is cheaper to manufacture a new stand rather than re-use the elements of the old one. Firstly, most of the stand structure cannot be re-used and secondly, the high cost of storage space in Moscow does not make it a good idea.

Can we send you the design produced by another builder so that you build it cheaper?

We can build the stand designed by another builder or designer. The only condition we require is for you to provide a written copyright approval from the owner of the design project permitting to use his intellectual property.

I like your design, but you are too expensive. What if I build your design with another builder?

Sure, you can do this. We will hand over the design as your property after we sign the copyright agreement and receive the payment for the design services. This cost depends on the complexity and metrage of the project but in most cases it does not exceed 15 euro per sqm.

When shall I arrive at the venue? Is it worth coming on the first building day?

Our general recommendation for our clients is to turn up at the venue on the last building day. There is no need to control the production of works since it is performed by our qualified project managers. They carefully control the works to strictly match the design project and deadlines specified in the contract. The only reason to arrive on the first day of the building is the necessity to early unload and install large and complex machinery.

How will the handover process happen?

In most cases the handover is performed on the last day of building as is specified by the exhibition organiser. You will meet our project manager at your stand. Please examine the stand and make sure it matches the design project, the furniture is of required quantity and good quality, the electrics and multimedia equipment work properly. After you’ve done the check please sign the act of acceptance and receive the keys from your project manager. You can use our Stand Acceptance Check List for this operation.

Exhibition is over. How do I leave the stand? What shall I do if I am leaving early?

You need to turn off the electricity in the fusebox, make sure that there are no important belongings left in the cupboards and counters, and give the keys back to the project manager. As a rule he will arrive at the venue a couple of hours before the xlosure of exhibition. We strongly recommend not to leave your booth unattended especially during the last hours of the show. If you are planning to leave early, please let your project manager aware of this fact – he will arrive early of instruct you of another way of handover.

The dismantling works start right after the closure of the exhibition. We recommend to collecting leftover promotional materials as soon as possible.

I have received accreditation documents from the exhibition organiser. What do I do with them?

We perform all accreditation formalities ouselves. There is no need to fill-in any forms and pay any accreditation related fees. Please inform us of such fact and we will contact the organiser to settle this matter.

Who should order technical services like water and electricity for the space?

These operations are part of exhibitor – organiser business so the exhibitor should order the required services and pay the costs involved. JSM will provide all information you need to place the order including the required wattage of electicity supply.

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