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How we build your exhibition stand.

Throughout the last 20 years, we have fine-tuned the process of producing an exhibition stand. Almost every project must go through these stages:

  • Production of 3D model. This is the very first step and the client plays a key role in it. Our designers produce the concept and visual identity of the future exhibition stand based on the client’s desires and requirements meeting all possible venue limitations. Then we visualize the booth from various angles so that you can see all its details. The visuals are then handed over to the client to review, amend if necessary, and confirm. We also send the quotation along with the stand design. When this stage is successfully completed, we usually suggest signing a stand construction contract.
  • Producing technical drafts and working drawings. This is a crucial stage which draws guidelines for all further project operations like purchasing rolls and sheets of necessary materials, choosing, and checking lighting equipment, estimating electricity consumption.
  • Accrediting the project with the departments of exhibition venues. This is an important and costly stage – the structure gets checked and approved by the technical control departments of the venue, materials are fireproofed and validated, the labour gets all necessary health and safety documents, truck entry passes.
  • Manufacturing, pre-assembly. These operations are still handled in-house – we cut the sheets and assemble small elements into larger ones. Some elements get pre-painted. Printworks are performed in the next workshop. The images get applied onto reception desks and lightboxes (if possible technically), volumetric elements (logos, lightboxes) get CNC-milled and assembled. Whet this all is done the stand parts get packed and loaded ready for transportation. In the case of very large stands, we may try obtaining an additional day to deliver elements to the venue if such opportunity is provided by the venue.
  • Preparing the site and installation of the structure. The mantling time given by the organiser is always strictly limited – in most cases we don’t get more than 4 days to complete all works. This is the reason why we do our best to prepare as much as possible in-house to save time during build-up. Before constructing the structure, our builders mark the site and lay under-floor wiring if the booth is equipped with the raised floor. The suspended structure (if applicable) is the next thing to go up. After that we are ready to construct walls, ceilings, and other structural elements, as well as install electrics.
  • Decorating and internal works. There’s more to do to finalise the look and functionality of the booth: decorate meeting room, equip storage rooms, assemble storage shelving, putting up artworks, banners, mounting and testing multimedia equipment, accepting and arranging the furniture, distributing floral decorations. When this is done the stand is ready to meet the exhibition – we tend to finish all work long before the declared completion time to allow the client comfortably and calmly fit the showcases and set-up the exhibits. A couple of hours before the organiser’s installation deadline we thoroughly clean the stand so that if meets its first visitors sparkling clean.
  • Dismantling and disposal. When the show is over for the exhibitor, the builder has another big thing to do – the stand has to be disassembled and taken out of the exhibition hall without any trace of its presence. Unfortunately, most of the stand is not reusable. Metal and plastic parts get sent for recycling and the rest is disposed. Re-usable structural elements, electrics, appliances and some furniture is certainly sent back to our storage and carefully kept there until the upcoming show.

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